About Our Pay What You Can Model

Our vision is to equip churches of all sizes and budgets with great design resources. That's why every item at Church Media Source is available in a pay what you can model that allows anyone access to great design. We believe that helping the church reach people through great design is more important than a few extra bucks in our bank account. However, we completely understand if that doesn't work for you. We'll keep doing us, you keep doing you.

Data From Our Customers

We understand that a pay what you can model can scare a lot of contributors. After all, you worked hard to learn your skills and put a lot of time into your work. Here is some data from the last 12 months:

  • There are 2 paid downloads for every 3 free downloads.
  • The average price paid for a download is $5 across all categories.
  • Our email list grew by over 300% in 2016, giving us a captive audience to continually market new products.
  • Our organic Pinterest marketing currently reaches over 33,000 people every month and has grown by an average of 40% month over month.

Our Revenue Split

Anytime someone pays for one of your downloads, you'll receive 75% of the price that is paid. The other 25% will go to cover transaction fees, operating expenses, and marketing. We're committed to creating an environment that helps churches while compensating our contributors fairly.

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Together we can truly help churches of all sizes reach more people through great design resources! Take a few minutes to fill out the form below and we'll get you approved within 2 business days.

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